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Enjoy and Blessed Be!

What is Magick? Well, magick is a lot of different things to different people.

To myself I suppose it is a way I can effect changes through my own thoughts and will.

Magick to me is a serious venture and should be to you too.

Anytime you wish to 'create magick' just remember "The Rule Of 3" and be careful what you wish for...my mother has always said that, because you might just get it!

With that in mind, one of the successful magickal rites I have performed when the need arose was the silver spell.

If you are really in need of extra cash, I've found this to work very well.

Unfortunatly, I cannot remember the name of the book where I got this wonderful little spell so if anyone recognizes it please, Email me and I'll give credit where it is due.


#Find yourself 10 dimes and set them aside.

#Begining on the waxing moon, place one each night in a special cup on your alter saying "money flow, money shine, money grow, money's mine" then thank the diety(s) of your own choice.

#When the 10 nights are up, don't remove the dimes. Instead, add a bit of change each night. I think you will see a change in a short time perhaps a raise or some other good fortune.

Remember the magick is within you!

Please note this is not a guarantee of any gain...and The Lady Ciy'Ree cannot be held responsible for any lack of progress on your part.

Kitchen Witchery

With cold season upon us, I felt it would be useful to pass along some of my herbal knowledge.
Every year I make my way over to the Natural Foods Coop and stock up on much needed herbs.
A full supply of them doesn't cost any more than 3 or 4 boxes of over the counter cold remedies and, I find they work MUCH better.
Cold teas are not an exact science...I don't have a tried and true formula I use however, I can give you a general idea and you can use your imagination.
*A word of caution* Do not use ANY herb which states "Not intended for human consumption" without first doing a LOT of research...Mistletoe and Lobielia are among them so I've chose to leave these out of this remedy...I don't generally use Mistletoe anyway and Lobelia is some Nasty stuff I'd just as soon NOT deal with but do in extreme cases...And I NEVER give anything with Lobielia to ANYONE other than myself and Rue (with her consent!)
O.k...enough preaching ; )
For this cold tea you will need the following:

*White Willow Bark

(or your favorite mint...Rue likes Spearmint just as well and likes to me to mix them and put a mint variety for something different...It's your choice.

Take a well cleaned out well dried mayonaise jar and add equal parts of the Comfrey, Camomile and Euculiptus...put the lid on and shake well.
Now take a small amount (less than the first group of the remaining herbs...all except the Peppermint...we'll save that for last.
Put the lid back on and shake again.
Now for the Peppermint.
Hopefully you still have about half the jar remaining...add the Peppermint almost to the top...trust me...you'll thank me later. The Peppermint takes away alot of the bitterness caused by the other herbs.

Put the lid on and shake well...shake also before making tea. If you find you must stir it up first, please don't use metal...wood works much better and it's more traditional.
Get a tea strainer and fill, pour boiling water in a cup and let the tea steep for at least 5 minutes.
It must be really hot when you drink it. Take slow careful sips, holding the liquid in your mouth and inhale the vapors...this allows the tea to do it's job.
This isn't the most delicious formula but it's the best one I've found so far.
To learn more about herbs and their properties, go to any good book store and look through their "Occult" section...that's where most stores keep them.
Also, observe any normal cautions when taking medication...Don't mix, check with your doctor...etc...
I simple put this here to help out my fellow pagans...I don't buy over the counter cold medications anymore...I make my own : )

Best of luck and have a healthy season!

Sleep Tea

This is a very simple mixture that I've used before...If you like the taste of licorice then you'll love this! Personally, I have to choke it down but It works!
You'll need equal parts of:

Mix them in a small jar and steep tea for 5 minutes as needed for sleep...this is a very gentle reciepe and I've used it many times with success.

Sleep well!

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